A Day in the Life: Not My Typical Week (But Still Pretty Busy!)

This week was a little unusual for two reasons. First, we did not have an exam. Second, I was away at a conference the previous week, presenting my research. Therefore, I spent a lot of time catching up on things (e.g. sleep, errands etc.).


11:30AM: Wake up and walk my dog

12PM: Eat breakfast/lunch and answer emails

1:30-6:30PM: Review the Pharmacodynamic and Pharmacokinetics and Arachadonic Cascade lectures for pharmacology

7:00PM: Walk my dog

8:00PM: Write a blog post for Medscape

9:00PM: Go grocery shopping at Target

11:00PM: Watch TV

12AM: Get ready for bed


6:00AM: My two cats begin to play tag, and wake me up!

8:15AM: My cats wake me up and there is construction going on in the apartment below.

8:20AM: Go back to sleep

9:15AM: Wake up and reset alarm

10:15AM: Finally wake up and walk my dog

11:00AM: Make breakfast

11:30AM: Begin to work on small group discussion problem set for cardio

1:00PM: Cardio small group begins

1:30PM: While taking a moment to space out, I decide I am going to cook a nice, nutritious dinner tonight.

3:00PM: Work out at the gym

4:00PM: Shower

4:30PM: Study

7:30PM: Nap

8:00PM: Business phone call to discuss podcast recording

8:30PM: Tired. Dinner: reheated pizza.

9:00PM: Write a blog post for Medscape.

12AM: Get ready for bed.


8:00AM: Wake up and walk dog

8:30am: Make breakfast

9:00AM: Art and Science of Medicine small groups: practice HEENT exam

11:00AM: Art and Science of Medicine Lecture: neurological exam demonstration

12:00PM: Professional Development Advisory Group Meeting

1:00PM: Gym

2:00PM: Eat lunch

2:30PM: Meet with my research mentor to discuss abstract submission and paper publication

4:00PM: Addiction Medicine public health class

5:30PM: Study

9:00PM: Dinner

9:45PM: Relax at home

12:00AM: Get ready for bed


9:00AM Wake up, walk dog, eat breakfast

10:00AM: Brain and Behavior Small Group: Cognition, Dementia and Delirium

12:00PM: The Rossi Medical Education Newsletter staff meeting (I’m Editor-in-Chief)

1:00PM: Meet publisher to discuss my book, “The Heartbeat of Success: A Med Student’s Guide to Med School Admissions.”

2:00PM: Coffee break and attempt to study

3:00PM: Interview physician-applicant for the position of Faculty Advisor

3:45PM: Attempt to study for cardio until public health class begins. Somewhat successful (finished reading a textbook chapter)

5:45PM: Attend my public health class: Teen Pregnancy: Prevention and Intervention

7:15PM: Go home to eat dinner


1:00AM: Get ready for bed.


11:30AM: Wake up (slept in), walk dog, eat lunch

2:00PM: Tutor a first year student for Molecules and Cells

3:00PM: Submit research abstract to present at a national meeting

3:30PM: Catch up on pharmacology lecture videos

9:00PM: Home for the night to relax!

A Mieses HeadshotAlexa Mieses is an MD Candidate, Class of 2016

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