Day in the Life: Lauren on InterACT

Lauren Feld, MD Student, Class of 2015, reflects on her participation in the Interclerkship Ambulatory Care Track (InterACT). InterACT is a 13-week integrated clerkship which provides select third-year medical students with a longitudinal clinical experience grounded in the foundations of ambulatory medicine, chronic illness care and care for vulnerable persons. Read more

Through My Eyes: Jillian on Match Day 2015

Jillian Nickerson, MD/MSCR Candidate, Class of 2015 describes Match Day, “There is nothing quite like the excitement and emotion of Match Day. You celebrate all of the hard work you put in during medical school by finding out where you will spend the next years of training in the same room as all of your mentors, colleges, friends and family. I found out that I will be staying at Mount Sinai, which was my first choice, and was immediately congratulated by the program director, program coordinator and the director of the Emergency Department. It was the warmest welcome I could ask for!”

Jillian Nickerson is in ISMMS’s PORTAL program, as a MD/MSCR Candidate, Class of 2015.

Photo Essay: Research in Fukushima, Japan

I spent two months last summer doing research in Fukushima, Japan on a trip supported by the Arnhold Global Health Institute at Mount Sinai and Rotary International. Along with another Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai medical student, I got an up-close look at the physical destruction and ongoing mental health challenges stemming from the March 2011 “triple disaster” (earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident). During a radiation and disaster medicine course at the beginning of the summer, we traveled to areas destroyed by the tsunami, visited temporary housing complexes and local health screenings, and learned about the science of radiation monitoring. At the end of the summer, we joined a group of American 9/11 survivors visiting northern Japan to share their stories of trauma and recovery.

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Regrowth in Fukushima: Restoring Order After the Triple Disaster, Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

In Soma City, too, we saw how the tsunami had flattened the land, destroying whole communities in addition to the city’s infrastructure: the train to the regional capital in the north still wasn’t running, but a bus service was held in its place. The old fish market was now empty, with rows of unused boats bobbing up and down. At the Nagomi Care Clinic, a mental health outreach center established after 3/11, I folded paper cranes with the town’s fishermen who had lost their livelihood due to the radiation and now had little to do.

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Regrowth in Fukushima: Restoring Order After the Triple Disaster, Part 1

Last summer, I was lucky enough to spend two months in Fukushima, Japan and conduct research there as part of a project funded by the Arnhold Global Health Institute at Mount Sinai and Rotary International. During the first week, fellow Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) medical student David Anderson and I participated in a class at Fukushima Medical University on radiation and disaster medicine. After that, we conducted a survey along with Japanese medical students to examine post-traumatic stress and growth after the 3/11/11 “Triple Disaster” (earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident). The experience was incredible and the research is still ongoing!

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Through My Eyes: Prepping for Step 1

Alexa Mieses, MD/MPH Candidate, Class of 2016, talks about prepping for Step 1, the medical licensing exam taken by all second-year medical students.

Alexa Mieses is an MD/MPH Candidate, Class of 2016