Through My Eyes: Jillian on Match Day 2015

Jillian Nickerson, MD/MSCR Candidate, Class of 2015 describes Match Day, “There is nothing quite like the excitement and emotion of Match Day. You celebrate all of the hard work you put in during medical school by finding out where you will spend the next years of training in the same room as all of your mentors, colleges, friends and family. I found out that I will be staying at Mount Sinai, which was my first choice, and was immediately congratulated by the program director, program coordinator and the director of the Emergency Department. It was the warmest welcome I could ask for!”

Jillian Nickerson is in ISMMS’s PORTAL program, as a MD/MSCR Candidate, Class of 2015.

Meeting Marlene

cdI met Marlene when her dreams were interrupted at 5 a.m. Monday morning. She opened her eyes to a swarm of white coats crowding around her bed. She then weathered a few minutes of rapid-fire questions about nausea and bowel movements.

It was morning rounds on my first day of my surgery rotation at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and Marlene was much more accustomed to this whirlwind pre-dawn ritual than I. She had been in the hospital since Friday, when she had decided that the past week of vomiting and abdominal pain warranted a trip to the emergency room.