Artistic Expressions: A Poem on Addiction

Kamini Doobay, Class of 2016, wrote the following poem in her second year after a patient presentation on addiction.

A Plea to Her Father

Is it a disease? I used to ask.
How can a man be ruled by a flask?
Falling into an abyss and falling so fast,
Into this horrid spell that life itself cast.

Started with a drink or two – no different from the rest,
You worked for it all and felt so blessed.

I don’t even know when you lost control-
When it conquered your mind, body and soul.

That luring bottle – so full of deceit,
I curse that dreadful day you chose to meet.

Now, I look into your eyes and feel such shame,
With guilt and pain but no one to blame.

You’re dancing with misery with each sip,
Ruining your days, you keep boarding its ship.

Powerful and canny – it will throw you out to sea,
With nothing at all, not a chance to plea.

Take a look in the mirror, you’re falling apart,
Shedding tears and breaking heart after heart.

Its wretched claws holds on so tight,
Taking away hope and outing the light.

But, this is a cycle we can together end,
Whatever is broken can surely mend.

Take my hand and let us pull through,
We want you back and want the real you.

This deep emptiness – a hole in my heart,
I want a happy father and want a fresh start.

kamini still 6Kamini Doobay is in ISMMS’s PORTAL program, as a MD/MSCR Candidate, Class of 2017.

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