Medical Students Dare to Enter the Tank

To culminate InFocus 7, the Department of Medical Education designed the School’s first #MedEdTank, allowing third-year medical students the opportunity to pitch health care process improvements to leaders of the Mount Sinai Health System—in “Shark Tank” fashion.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine Photo by Robert Caplin

“Try to Make Me Go to Rehab” team members (Sanders Chang, Rocco Ferrandino, Sandra Fong, Gabrielle Gettenberg, Angad Kochar, Nadav Nahumi, Katherine Niemeyer, Adrienne Rosenthal, [ not pictured: Georgia Himmelstein and Luke Wanderly]), posing with Marc Napp, MD, are all smiles after their #MedEdTank win.

The third-year class was broken up into 12 teams and divided into two categories: inpatient and outpatient care.

Watch the winning inpatient team, “Try to Make Me Go to Rehab (Sorry, We’re Not Sorry),” as they discuss their proposal and the effect it would have on the health care system.


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